I really resonate with the idea of keeping things balanced between different ideas and styles. The intention is to create a spiritual community of individuals who aspire and endeavor to live in the awareness and Bliss of Christ Consciousness. For me, personally, I love the idea that we all would express this Bliss in many different ways, including different styles of homes/gardens that reflect our individual personalities, the way we live our lives domestically, how we express ourselves creatively, and how we can all be of service. Imagining a community filled with color and delightful surprises!! <3


If I had 4 million I’d immediately hand it over…no questions asked… you would just have to reserve me a spot by the water. All my prayers for the speedy creation of Eden Shire ☯☮🔆♔♕


During my meditation Sunday I ask God what would bring me Love, peace joy and abundance? I saw myself living in Edenshire. So, I ask if it is your will then show me the path I should take to get there.


Thank you so much I am in all the way. I want to put a down payment on one of the houses. I love, I love it, I love. Thank all of you, love and light


The website looks amazing thank you Michael and amazing staff. Love the homes. I’m awaiting more information on the approximation of total cost for building a home there with land and everything needed.


The world is coming into the golden age and then it will. Be a beautiful place again.


Wow, this is the area Sal and I were looking at and we would love everyone to support and to physically help you to accomplish. Love and sharing love is the answer.


It can be done by total alignment with the very Will of God that we hold this community as the next step in global extension of Christ Consciousness. Making this a reality is possible and probable because we know the Truth of God….there is only Love and we are That…


This seems perfect and beautiful, we can see us all living there! To have the pyramid mountain in the background would be a an additional bonus. We like Edenshire, the new name Michael, it really aligns up with the beauty of the landscape…Dream Big and believe it’s already signed sealed and delievered.. Thank You GOD~ Love, Light and Peace.

–Glen- & Joanne

Congratulations on this most excellent vision and implementation! The website is beautiful and your presentation loving and informative.


Bye Bye ego-based world has got to go. Hello spiritual based world. EdenShire how perfectly wonderful! Perfect timing for me. Selling my house in Costa Rica and have been looking for a true Spritual community free from ego and full of pure love.


The additional photos are breath taking and I love the variety within the landscape and water! 💗


Just watched your video about edenshire. Incredible! We are in. Be assured, any extra funds received are earmarked for the community. I play the lottery weekly. Now I know where to place a large portion of any winnings. Blessings


Michael, you have spoken to my soul regarding manifesting this wonderful retreat in the future. Manifesting Gaia’s Place in April for spirtual-minded people to gather to feel love, healing and spirtual classes!