Thank you so much for taking a moment to look at this donation page. Ours is an incredible project, and you can help us to raise the funds to create EdenShire by making financial donations (which can be tax-deductible). The funds contributed to this dream/vision are to pay for the land and the materials--not overhead. As can be seen below, our first goal is to purchase the main property, followed by the development of the infrastructure, and so on. Your donation could be done in one or more large donations OR it could be made as a smaller, ongoing monthly donation.

The donations for the ​creation and development of EdenShire can be viewed either in their respective categories ​(shown below) ​OR in the phases they fall into​ (shown on our homepage). The list of items below show the total amount needed to complete it, the amount donated to that category, and the amount still remaining for that specific goal. You are welcome and encouraged to make a donation towards our general fund (which is applied wherever it is most needed) OR towards a specific topic that speaks to your heart.

Love & Blessings to you!

The EdenShire Community Staff & Members

General Fund

No specific designation of category
(applied where most needed)

Main Property - $1,000,000

Land, farming/land equipment

Infrastructure - $100,000

Roads, surveys, creating a lake, earth movement

Solar and Wind Power - $150,000

Wind turbine, solar panels

Hobbit Houses with Carports - $1,500,000

10 houses built, finished, powered

Properties #2 & #3 - $2,000,000

Land, farming/land equipment

Healing/Herb Center - $250,000

Classroom, healing rooms, retail

Organic Gardens - $100,000

Greenhouse, irrigation, seeds, compost, equipment

Landscaping - $100,000

Trees, fences, walkways

Animal Rescue - $50,000

Kennels, food, supplies, health products