EdenShire is a spiritual retreat that uses Love as a Guide in all that we do and with every choice we make. In fact, we believe that Love is so practical that, if consistently used by more people (as our internal and external compass for decision making), we would see Love made manifest in the world and in all aspects of life. In other words, EdenShire could be seen as one of the important models of what the entire world will one day experience.

Management Team

Spiritual Education Center
Team Leader: Joy Nanda
Joy was a tenured professor at a major University Medical School until 1995 when she began pursuing alternative forms of knowing and healing. Since then, she has learned and taught many forms of complementary healing, including bodywork, yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation. Joy was instrumental in the building and operation of the largest center for yoga therapy in Brazil, and regularly teaches about the effect of stress and trauma relief on the nervous system to yoga teachers, meditation teachers, medical professionals, and the general public.

Retreat Center
Team Leader: Joan Belle Nemeth
Joan Belle has worked in professional atmospheres of business institutions, spiritual centers, and private associations as a manager, leader, and counselor, and instructor. She finds pleasure and purpose in seeing life in a more holistic way by posing questions and finding answers in the voice and language of spiritual guidance and insight. She compassionately shares what has learned with others so they can find their own opened awareness and passion for learning, living, and loving by discovering their own answers and insights.

EdenShire Resident Community
Team Leader: Linda Mae Costello
Linda Mae has been teaching people how to live more sustainably since 1990. In addition to a 40 year career in accounting and graduate studies in management, psychology, and education, she was one of the first licensed real estate agents to receive national credentials as a specialist in "green" real estate. Also, she spent several years living in various off-grid, sustainable housing settings. Linda Mae believes sustainability is a significant component of our spiritual path and an expression of a loving relationship with the Earth.

Resource Management
Team Leader: Judy Messer
Judy spent twenty years in the administrative field and several years as the events coordinator at the Community Church Performing Arts Center in Vero Beach, Florida, and has served for over seven years as the liaison of the Board of Trustees at Unity of Sedona--one of the most successful Spiritual Centers in the country. She has served on boards and organized fundraisers for charities related to Habitat for Humanity, education, and local communities. She has extensive global travel experience and social skills learned through her travels and interest in humanity. Judy has also been an avid organic gardener for several years--planning and developing a few different gardens with great success.

Future Model Outreach
Team Leader: Barbara Tintori
Barbara is an actress and producer who has been interested in, and dedicated to, promoting conscious principles to the world most of her life. As an independent business woman and President of a conscious media company--Patata Productions--Barbara’s mission is to both entertain and educate audiences across the globe through environmental, socially conscious, and inspirational content. She has three Conscious media projects currently in development and currently shares the model of EdenShire with the world.

Other Leadership:

Advisor and Consultant
Team Leader: Michael Mirdad
Michael has spent over 35 years as a renowned spiritual teacher and counselor, as well as a best-selling author. For much of this time, he toured various cities and countries doing lectures, workshops, and book-signings. He was the editor of the Pacific Northwest's first holistic magazine and became the advisor to the most successful and long-lasting spiritual conference--the Universal Lightworker's Conference. He has been the advisor on various films and spent over seven years as the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Sedona. Michael now serves as the advisor/coordinator at EdenShire and is considered by many to be a "teacher's teacher" and a "healer's healer." ​