What is EdenShire and the EdenShire Community?
EdenShire is a concept or vision of living a life of Heaven on Earth. The EdenShire Community is the manifestation of this vision. EdenShire (which is a non-profit foundation) was created to assist people in feeling the Presence of God by experiencing God as peace, safety, tranquility, learning, and healthy, sustainable living.
Where is EdenShire and what would a person find there?
The first EdenShire is in Southern Colorado (outside of Durango). As you arrive, you first notice the quiet and privacy, followed by the breathtaking beauty. Next, depending on each person, there are the beautiful, energy-efficient homes and incredible natural and designed landscape with ponds, gardens, and large wooded mountains.
Who is invited to EdenShire?
EdenShire is not a tourist destination but instead is reserved for those who are dedicated to healthy living: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is a retreat for people wanting to find or experience peace—inside and out. It’s for people wanting to heal or connect with God.
Can people live there or is it only for visitors?
People can live there or just visit. There are a limited number of houses for people to live in EdenShire but people do live there—particularly those who run the retreat/community and do the most work on the grounds. We also have lodging for those who come to experience EdenShire for days, weeks, or months.
Can people own their home and property and homes at EdenShire?
People can lease or rent on the property OR they can buy land and build a house on one of the adjoining properties. If you lease a property, EdenShire owns it. If you buy, you own it.
Who created EdenShire and where is it?
EdenShire began as a hypothetical question on social media: ‘What would be your ultimate dream of a place to live?” The level of consistence in the answers and the consistent region of choice was Colorado—due to its level of beauty, geographic safety, and being centrally located in the USA.
Who runs EdenShire and how is it run?
The primary goal of EdenShire is to manifest Heaven on Earth. This means we allow God/Spirit to be our primary Guide and Inspiration of all that we do. Also, although we respect and honor each person as an individual, EdenShire requires that we also live as a “we” and learn to consider and honor the needs of the majority. The management of EdenShire is primarily overseen by the loving, respectful, and collaborative relationship between the board and the members—which are those living on, and developing, the property.
What are the rules and principles of EdenShire?
Love is the primary rule of EdenShire and healthy living are the general parameters of our principles and policies.
Is EdenShire a religious community?
EdenShire is not a religious community. But EdenShire is a spiritual community/experience—blended with a community/experience of health and healing.
Does EdenShire only benefit those living there or visiting?
Yes and no. There is, of course, more of a benefit of living there or visiting, but we also have a vision of sharing these ideals and principles with the world, for others who would like to replicate these principles—even if they can only do so from a small apartment.
How can someone best support EdenShire and its vision?
The primary two ways to support EdenShire are by living there or visiting OR by sending financial donations.
What steps does someone need to take to participate at EdenShire?
The first thing for an interested person to do is to determine what they want from EdenShire. They need to decide whether they want to simply send support or want to experience its gifts. They might want to explore the idea of living in EdenShire or just visit. Whatever their answer, they would then need to contact us and we would then explore the best course from there.
What are the main goals for the future of EdenShire?
It is our intention to continue developing EdenShire into a model of Spiritual and healthy living for all the world to learn from. People can come to EdenShire and learn first-hand OR they can learn through our numerous forms of teaching through social media, educational videos, and live presentations.